A tale spanning not only across time, but across the dimensions.

Sunday, 26 October 2014

A Tale of Halloween

When it comes to the night, all good Littlefee and Kitties should be in bed. Unless there's a story to tell.

DISCLAIMER: Please keep matches safe and away from all children- be they real or resin. 

Eloise: "I gotta rub it?"

Lucas: Eloise, what do you think you're doing?!
Eloise: Eep!

Lucas: I'm sorry, but you know you shouldn't be playing with matches. 
Eloise: But I wasn't playing...

Lucas: Then, what were you doing? And put them away.
Eloise: When Stormy was tellin' us about Halloween, she said that it was when the spirit world was closer to the real one.

Eloise: And she said that people put out lights to guide wayward spirits back home, like a special nightlight. 

Eloise: I know we don't have a spirit who is tryin' to come home here, but I was gonna light this so the ones who have no home know they can come here to be safe. 

Lucas: But you know you're not allowed to use matches - or be around fire without an adult. All you had to do was ask. 
Eloise: I'm sorry, Lucas...

Lucas: You're forgiven, El. You have such nice ideas, but just remember to ask next time. Alright?
Eloise: Okay. 

Lucas: Now, hand me one of those matches and put the rest away.

Eloise: Here you go.
Lucas: Now, step back. 

Lucas: You ready?
Eloise: Hiding hands!


Lucas: There we...go.

Lucas: One lit spirit light.

Eloise: Thank you, Lucas.
Lucas: You're welcome, sweetheart. 

Lucas: Now, let's get inside before you catch a cold.
Eloise: Okay!

Eloise: Do you think anyone will come?
Lucas: You never know, Ely. 

Lucas: Careful of the step - back up, kitten.
Eloise: Back up, back up! You're not allowed outside!

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