A tale spanning not only across time, but across the dimensions.

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Minu's Musings

Minu was told by the softskin that Minu may use this as a device to record Minu's thoughts. The softskin said that this way, Minu would have less thoughts rushing around Minu's head. Minu thought that Minu would try this out.

Minu thinks this location is quieter than the last location Minu resided at. Minu believes this is because there are less resinskins around to make Minu's ears ache. Minu does like that there is only two little resinskins. The little resinskin named Sparrow is rather unlike the bird he calls sparrows. But sometimes, Minu thinks he is a lot like those little birds. Minu likes Sparrow. Sparrow is kind and seems to like sitting on Minu's lap when the softskin carries us all into the main softskin dwelling-room. Minu is not bothered by this, as Sparrow is quiet. The other little resinskin was different when Minu first met her.

The little winged resinskin named Clover sometimes makes Minu's head hurt, like when all the little resinskins at Minu's last location start to make a fuss with each others. Clover seems to like making Minu's head hurt. Minu thinks Clover is cute, when Clover is not loud. Or when Clover is trying to make a fuss to make Dillian pay less attention to Minu. But now that Minu is here, Clover bothers Dillian and Minu less. Clover likes sitting on Dillian's lap the most. Minu does not mind this, as Minu gets Sparrow sitting on Minu's lap.

Dillian makes Minu feel special, like the dewdrop flowers Minu sometimes collects in early mornings. Minu likes it when Dillian snuggles Minu. Minu is even getting used to the little resinskins teasing Minu about it. Dillian is patient with the little resinskins, but is still stern with them. Minu thinks Dillian would be a perfect baby resinskin sitter.

Minu's new softskin said she would take Minu to her softskin family Christmas gathering. But Minu's softskin's leader told her that Minu cannot come. Minu was rather saddened, as Minu wished to see what this gathering would be like. Minu is not sure what to compare it to, as Minu has only seen gatherings of little resinskin fae and the animals that Minu listens to and obtains feathers from. Minu is thinking that softskin gatherings are like this. Sparrow told Minu that Minu is very wrong. Sparrow said that the softskin managed to take him because he is so little, and that Minu would not have liked it there. When Minu asked, Minu was told that there were lots of little softskins running around and making lots of noise. When Sparrow told Minu this, Minu's head started to hurt. This made Minu thankful that her softskin did not take Minu with her to the gathering. But Sparrow also told Minu what this gathering was like, and it was unlike anything Minu thought it might be. Sparrow said all the softskins talked a lot and ate food when it was presented before they gathered around a tree that was bigger than anything Minu could describe. Then, Sparrow told Minu that the softskins all were handed boxes and bags that were resting under this tree before they all exchanged hand and lipkisses and left again. Minu is perplexed by this gathering. Minu wonders why the softskins do this, and if this is something that the softskins do often. Sparrow is not sure, and Dillian has no answer to Minu's question.

Though Minu wished to see this gathering Minu's-self, Minu is happy that Minu did not go. Minu does not like it when loud noises hurt Minu's head.

Minu's softskin was right in that this removes rushy thoughts from Minu's head. Minu will do this again one time when Minu's thoughts start flurrying around again.