A tale spanning not only across time, but across the dimensions.


Welcome to the whimsical and quiet tales of the Resins that reside under my roof.

Every one of my characters have their story. But it is theirs to tell. All of them interlink with their reasons for living, and existing in my home.

Occasionally, their stories may intertwine with those of LillyKitten's Kingdom of Resin and TeaPartRevolution's The Resin Fables.

The Authors
Krystal, or Stormybabe (in the online world) is still relatively new to the Ball Jointed Doll community. Her collection is ever expanding and taking her creativity into all new places, the dolls only influencing and flourishing her ideas and characters.

The Dolls:
Ball Jointed Dolls are a type of doll which originated as anime figurines in Japan, made by a Japanese company, Volks. Only around since 1999, BJDs or ABJDs have a very distinctive set of features - casted out of poly-urethane resin, they have distinctive ball joints and at least 12 points of articulation, allowing almost human movement.

BJDs come in a number of different sizes between 9 and 90cm. These are split into certain size categories as listed below.(Many of the acronyms are from Volks):

  • SSD – Dolls which stand between 65 and 90cm. (Volks model: Senior Super Dollfie)
  • SD – Dolls which stand between 50 and 65cm (Volks model: Senior Dollfie)
  • MSD – Dolls which stand between 40 and 49cm. Often refered to as ‘Minis’ (Volks model: Mini Super Dollfie)
  • Yo-SD – Dolls which stand between 20 and 39cm (Volks model: Young Super Dollfie)
  • Tinies or BBs – Dolls whose height is below 20cm – the smallest generally stand around 9-10 cm.
While BJDs originated in Japan, many are now made in China and South Korea, as well as occasionally in the US. Sometimes, you will find dolls that have been sculpted and created by Shelbelly, an Australian artist (and my best friend)

The Cast:
More details about my resin crew can be found in the "Cast" page.