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Thursday, 25 December 2014

Who saw this coming?

We all know what happens when determination is mixed with something so adorable that it gives you cavities, right?

Eloise: *hums softly*

Eloise: "Can't drop this."

Eloise: "At least there's no real fire with this one."

Eloise: "And now, we wait."


Eloise: *murmer*

????: "Uhh..."

????: *nudges* "Umm..."

Eloise: "Nghh.."
????: "Uhm..."

Eloise: "Huh?"
????: "H-Hi..."

Lucas: "So, these people literally shame their pets publicly when they do something wrong?"
Stormy: "Yeup."

Eloise: "Stormy?"

Eloise: "He's got nowhere to go...can he stay?"

Lucas: *murmers* "Well..."
Stormy: *murmers* "Oh hush."

Stormy: "So, what's your name, sweetheart?"

????: "Uhm... M-My name's Nimm."

Stormy: "Well Nimm, you are more than welcome to stay with us. As long as you want."

Eloise: "See? Everyone's nice here! You can stay forever, and it's nice and safe. Let's go meet Kitty and Sparrow."
Nimm: "Okay."

Lucas: "I did tell you she'd bring in strays when you got her that electric candle."
Stormy: *sighs* "I know... At least it isn't a rat this time."

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