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Friday, 1 August 2014

Something Shiny

Sometimes, I can't help but spoiling my babies xD

Me: So, Obby, I got you a present!
Oberron: Brr?

Me: Yeah! In here there's a shiny for you.
Oberron: !!!!

Oberron: *nom*
Me: Ach! Oberron!

Me: No. Naughty. It's inside there. 
Oberron: Mrrrr...

Oberron: Mrrah?
Me: No, the shiny is inside there. I have to break it out. 

Oberron: *whine* Mmrrrrrrr!
Me: I'm going as fast as I can! I'm trying not to make a mess.

Oberron: Krrrrrrrr...
Me: I've got a big crack in it now!

Me: Ah ha! Got it open! Look, it's a blue sunstone!
Oberron: *jiggles* Eeeeeee!!

Oberron: Ahh?
Me: I'm just trying to clean it off a little. 

Oberron: Ahhh!!
Me: Here you are, sweety. 

Oberron: *purring*
Me: I think you like it, huh?

Oberron: Mwah!!
Me: Awww... <3 You're welcome bubby~

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