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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Off on a new adventure!!

With convention season up and going, travel seems to be something I do all the time. This time around, I get to actually go interstate for a convention, and there is no way I would ever go alone.

Stormy: How is it I still tangle this up? How does she do it?

???: Huff...huff...
Stormy: Hm?

Stormy: Hey Ely. You all packed and ready to go?

Eloise: Uh huh. I even have spare clothes and bunny. 

Stormy: Well, let's get this stowed away. 

Stormy: Up and in!
Eloise: Uhm...

Stormy: What's the matter, ducky?
Eloise: This is gonna be the furtherest I've gone away from you since I got here...

Stormy: *tweaks nose* There's no need to be nervous, Ely. You'll be all safe and looked after. 

Eloise: You sure?
Stormy: Positive. Krystal would cry if she ever got you hurt. 

Eloise: I'm gonna miss you, Sissy
Stormy: I'll miss you too. Promise to get lots of photos for me. 

Stormy: Right, your blanket is in there all ready for you. Just snuggle in, and when you wake, you'll be in a whole other world (well, whole other state)
Eloise: Okay...

Stormy: *softly* Sleep well, little traveller...


Eloise looks so snuggly and cute here... And no jokes about sucking her thumb - she's only little.


  1. That's just too sweet! It actually helped brighten my day.

    1. I hope we didn't give you too many cavities XDD

      And Stormy's always glad to make someone smile, even if it's just a little