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Friday, 6 June 2014

What a....birdbrain.

With the weather outside cooling down, it was time to gather resources. There isn't a lot of helping hands so, take what you can get?

Stormy: Well, I got those nuts, and flowers and flower buds Minu asked for. As well as the dandelion buds for coffee (which makes little sense to me, but eh)

Lucas: I've got the firewood for the kindling.

Sparrow: And I have the rose-mary leaves for the roast.

Stormy: Great! Let's get inside before it starts to rain!

Lucas: Watch out for the puddle there.
Stormy: Thanks!


Sparrow: .....

Sparrow: .....

Sparrow: >3

Sparrow: Puddle!!!

Sparrow: Puddle!!!

Sparrow: Puddle!!! Hehehe!

Sparrow: I love puddles!

Sparrow: I love dirt!!

Sparrow: I love-
Lucas: Sparrow!
Stormy: Dammit Sparrow!!

Sparrow: Uhhhh...oops?

Stormy: How the hell did you get so much dirt in your hair!?
Sparrow: *mutters* So. Worth.  It. 


Sparrow: *reciting* To all the gixies and tankies out there, don't go jumpin' in mud puddles. You'll haveta bathe and wash ya clothes by hand... Do not follow my example...
Stormy: *background* Damn straight!


  1. But you're so cute all covered in mud, Sparrow!!! Hehehe, great photos! I'd love to see more of their cold weather prepping!

    1. Sparrow can be a little trouble maker, and he loves the outdoors XD

  2. Sparrow might be a little mischievous every now and then, but hey he's a boy and he just loves to do boy things, you can't knock him for that. Besides he looks so cute in his bath and towel you'd have to forgive him for jumping in puddles. :)

    1. I was seriously wondering what would be small enough to work as a bath for him - but I think I did alright.

      And the idea came from one I had years ago because sparrows take dust baths sometimes, and I was trying to figure out how Sparrow would manage that. Rolling in mud works XDD