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Monday, 26 May 2014

A Scary Journey

As a household with three furred felines, toys often do go missing. But, this is a first.

Eloise: We looked everywhere... I can't lose this bunny...
Kitty: Well, we haven't looked everywhere. 

Eloise: I'm gonna get in trouble...
Kitty: Naaah, I'm sure it'll be here!

Eloise: ...yeah?
Kitty: Yeah! In there!

Eloise: *whispers* We're not s'posed to go in there... And it's dark

Kitty: It's okay - I have this!
Eloise: (where'd that come from?)
Kitty: (magic~)

Kitty: And off we go!!
Eloise: Hey! Wait for me!!

Eloise: Kitty, I'm scared...
Kitty: It's alright - it's not too bad so far

Kitty: Look, there it is!
Eloise: I-I don't wanna go further in..

Kitty: Here, you take the light. I'll get it.

Eloise: Aren't you scared?

Kitty: *slightly shakily* I'm afraid of nothing!

Kitty: Right, just need to get...

Kitty: ...a little closer...

Kitty: Gotcha!

Eloise: You got it!
Kitty: Right! Let's go before something ha-
???: *growl*

Eloise: Uh oh...
Kitty: Just back up slowly...

???: Girls!
Kitty: *puffs up* Hsss!
Eloise: *screams*

Cat: *watches as they run off*

Lucas: Girls, what are you doing in there?

Eloise: *crying*
Kitty: W-We were looking for the stuffed bunny...

Eloise: *sobs into Lucas' shirt*
Lucas: It's okay to go searching for things, but at least let me, Stormy or Dillian know next time. We'll come and help you. 

Kitty: 'm sorry... For runnin' off and scarin' Ely...

Lucas: It's alright, Katherine. Let's go to the warm end of the house.

Eloise: *quietly* Thank you Kitty...
Kitty: *purr purr purr*


  1. Hehehe, I love how one kitty is a scary bunny stealer, and another is a rescuer! :)

    1. The amusing thing is: that cat IS known for walking off with plush toys XD So when she came along and plonked right there, it was just too good not to include.
      And she sat there the whole time! Walked off when I finished with the photos XDD

  2. Very cute story! I like how well you integrated the theme of the challenge (Someplace Scary) in to the story. Having the cat show up and remain for the shoot was a big plus.

    1. Thank you for the comment :)

      When I saw the theme, all I was thinking was "somewhere scary? Oh, they've never been in my brothers room!"
      And I asked him if I could do it - I just did it when nobody was home xD

      I really wasn't expecting Sox to turn up and stay there for the shoot - the behaving part is normal for her, but she just turned up and got comfortable xD

  3. Hey Crystal that was a beauty! Great story for Someplace Scary, I really enjoyed it. I don't know how you have the patience to take so many photos though, I'm lucky if I get to take half a dozen. :)